• Conventional Oil and Gas: Improving production efficiency and safety; Wastewater management; Enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
  • Distribution in Energy Storage: Micro-grid management; Smart metering; Efficiency in distribution network; Batteries/hydrogen/fuel cell
  • Digitalization: Predictive Maintenance solutions for the Oil & Gas market; Blockchain solutions for the Supply Chain
  • Mobility Solution: Transport Safety; LNG in transport (buses/trucks); Clean Technology (EV Vehicles)
  • Waste Management: Waste-to-energy segregation
  • Environment: Energy efficiency; Reducing CO2 emission
  • Renewable Energy: Solar energy, Wind energy, Bio-gas/biodiesel
  • Energy Access: Energy as an enabler, technology, services and business models

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The Application & Selection Process

Find out the application and selection process to join the Shell E4 programme, plus guidelines on who is eligible to join.

Who Can Apply?

The start-ups should be in early, pilot, or post-pilot stages with a potential to impact the future of energy.