1.   Renewable Energy value chain: In the renewable’s domain, we are looking for companies aligned with our New Energies business strategy. We are developing models to help customers better manage their energy needs, while at the same time looking at commercial opportunities to bring power to remote communities.

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Bio-gas/Bio-diesel
  • Hydrogen

2.   Conventional O&G: The upstream, gas and refining industry is currently undergoing a low-cost transformation, so Shell E4 looks for startups with technologies or business models that help with the following:

  • Reduce the costs of our operations and new projects.
  • Improving production efficiency and safety
  • Wastewater management
  • Enhanced hydrocarbon recovery

3.     Mobility: The importance of moving the world's growing number of people and goods must be balanced with efforts to reduce CO2 emissions through fuels like hydrogen, and electric vehicles. In this domain we explore startups promising novel fuels, service models and technologies that can strengthen our vast retail network and our global lubricants and fuel brands. Startup with technology and solutions considering the following are sort after.

  • Electric Mobility (Battery Technology, Battery / Thermal Management / EV Charging/Swapping)
  • Future of Mobility (Automated Driver Assistance System, Connected/ Smart Vehicle, Retrofit Solutions, Smart Infrastructure, Mobility as a service, Shared Mobility Services (EV))
  • Freight Optimization
  • Connected Vehicles

4.      Waste to value: This domain supports startup entrepreneurs who are innovating with waste reduction solutions and enabling the energy transition by reducing, reusing and repurposing waste in operations, supply chain or innovating waste to energy solutions. This includes the following:

  • Segregation
  • Collection and processing
  • Waste to chemicals
  • Waste to fuel/energy

5.      Retail: For Shell the number one mobility retailer today is about being totally committed to our customers - excelling their expectations and delivering highly differentiated marketing programmes and very active portfolio management. Startups innovating in the following are suited for the domain.

  • Conventional Fuels
  • Fuels of the future
  • Loyalty programs
  • Consumer tracking and prediction

6.     Power: Electricity is the fastest-growing part of the energy system and offers a significant commercial opportunity for Shell. In line with that, New Energies and Shell Energy are working together to grow power into Shell’s fourth value chain alongside oil, gas and chemicals. The power sector is facing challenges around fuel issues, statutory obligations, emission levels, water scarcity, power theft, low power demand growth, availability of transmission corridors, low performance of old power plants etc. Start-ups supporting to solve the challenges under below categories are encouraged.

  • §   Micro-grid management
  • Smart metering
  • Efficiency in distribution network
  • Integrated energy solutions behind the meter
  • Grid optimization

7.     Digital: We are looking at ways to connect customers with new business models for mobility and energy services, enabled by digital technologies and the decentralization of energy systems. Startup with technology and solutions using digital means in the following domain are encouraged.

  • Innovative solutions for energy sector
  • Blockchain solutions for the Supply Chain
  • Payment solutions, Market place     

8.     Energy Management: Sites energy efficiency is the accumulation of many diverse effects – maintenance, operational excellence, infrastructure etc. Startups providing solutions to balance energy, production, product quality using technological, systematic managed approach to meet targets and sustain savings are sort after. The areas of focus include the following:

  • Predictive/ Prescriptive maintenance
  • Multi-asset energy demand aggregation & optimization
  • Smart cities


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