Ossus Biorenewables

This Bengaluru-based start-up is creating solutions for clean energy and recovery of green chemicals from waste water. They are focused on assetizing waste water through, bH2 plus, a technology employing specially designed microbial cell factories, for generating biohydrogen and metals from renewable feedstocks like industrial effluents, municipal sewage and polluted water bodies.

This start-up believes that the key to a sustainable circular economy lies in reducing the uncertainty associated with renewable waste feedstock supply chain, which often originates from an unorganized sector, such as the one observed with agricultural waste or municipal solid waste. Reflecting this ideal in their business model has allowed them improved control over feedstock for their technology and has allowed them to assetize these resources for reuse in value-maximizing transfers to new energy. In this manner, municipalities and major industries can monetize their waste water streams in exchange for a sustainable source of carbon-negative, high-density energy carrier in the form of biohydrogen, while simultaneously generating metals and clean water.

Founded by Dr. Suruchi Rao and Ms. Shanta Rao in 2017, Ossus Biorenewables is currently in the process of demonstrating the elemental capability of their technology for generating value from produced water, an effluent generated by upstream oil and gas companies.

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