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Demo Day 2022

Demo Day 2022 scheduled to be held on 15th -16th November aimed at bringing together some of the best minds in energy sector today. Shell E4 Demo Day is India's largest entrepreneurship conference and graduation event for Shell E4 Smart Energy Track. This event provides the platform for Shell E4 startups to showcase themselves to members of the energy startup ecosystem.

Demo Day 2021

Demo Day 2021 scheduled to be held on 6th and 7th October India’s largest entrepreneurship conference & graduation event for Shell E4’s Digital track. It has been envisioned to provide a platform for the Shell E4 companies to showcase themselves to members of the energy start-up ecosystem.

Shell E4 Newsletters

Shell E4 Newsletters are bi-monthly reports, curated to provide regular insights into the E4 Program, consisting of details, updates, activities & exciting new events that take place during the year.

Shell E4 Investor Convergence week

An amalgamation of eminent voices within Investment circles & some of the brightest minds from the startup ecosystem.

E4 Startups Portfolio

Since 2018, We have worked with 30+ startups in different domains (Mobility Solutions, Energy Management, Clean technology, Energy IOT Applications, Digital, Logistics, and Waste to value). Read more about them.

Latest News & Updates in Shell E4

13 Breakthrough Startups Graduate Shell E4 Programme on Demo Day 2020

Post the remarkable success of two editions of the Shell E4 programme, Shell’s third cohort of 13 startups graduated on this year’s Demo Day.

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