In the year preceding the pandemic, there was a scarcity in awareness & a little resistance to adoption of renewable energies. In 2020 however we’ve all been shown the mirror on how our lifestyles & personal choices can have a direct effect on someone else.

With the pandemic wreaking havoc around the globe, there is a sudden concentrated focus on sustainable ways of living and transitioning into a cleaner energy future.

With a radical change required to address the current climate change and global warming issues, the only element in renewable energy that has a high potential for easy adoption is electric mobility.

Electric vehicles will have an indispensable role to play in achieving our collective net zero emission targets by 2050.

According to CEEW, In the India ecosystem, the estimate for total EV sales is 14.8B by 2030 alone, the current scenario is promising with a steady increase in sale of EVs even in the pandemic years of 2020 & 2021. The states with the highest adoption rates are Tripura & Delhi with 52 & 28 EVs sold respectively for every 1000 non-EVs.

Covid-19 has not been easy on anyone, especially on businesses, there are many challenges that lie ahead but it has been predicted that the pandemic could have beneficial trends in some EV segments, such as two wheelers. People have been getting used to using their phones for practically every chore and errand, hence last mile delivery & ride hailing segments can see a potential growth amidst the lockdowns.

There is much needed attention & focus required in this space.

At Shell E4, we are accelerating these crucial discussions by bringing together people who are influencers and experts in this field, from within Shell, globally & from the Startup ecosystem in a series of panel discussions, called “Shell E4’s Energy talk”.

The first topic in the series of roundtables on renewable energy is “Electrifying the future” - A panel discussion on key issues & the outlook in the space of Electric mobility.

Shell E4 Energy Talk

The first topic in the series of panel discussions is "ELECTRIFYING THE FUTURE" setting the tone for an insightful session on one of the most important aspects of renewable energy - ELECTRIC MOBILITY.

Witness this through the lens of Shell’s senior leaders, global experts & our startups influencing this space.

DATE - 1ST JUNE 2021

TIME - 4:30 PM TO 5:30 PM


Photo of Nitin Prasad

Nitin Prasad

Country Chair, India Shell

Photo of Shailesh Lakhani

Shailesh Lakhani

MD, Sequoia Capital

Photo of Danial Lyons

Daniel Lyons

Head of Investments and M&M Mobilty, Shell

Photo of Sanjay Varkey

Sanjay Varkey

General Manager Retail, Shell


Photo of Anindya Chowdhury

Anindya Chowdhury

Country Transition Manager, Shell

The representatives from Shell E4 incubated startups are:

Photo of Nishant Saini

Nishant Saini

MD, eee-Taxi

Photo of Maxson Lewis

Maxson Lewis

MD, Magenta power

Photo of Tejas Kuruskar

Tejas Kuruskar

CEO, Offgrid energy labs

Photo of Akash Gupta

Akash Gupta

CEO, Zypp Electric


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