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Day 4 of Shell E4 Investor week will focus on Alternate fuels & Sustainable Battery management.

The panel discussion will be on the topic- “Decarbonisation & Alternate fuel technologies”.

A brief intro to the topic-

With the world’s energy system changing, the demand for low carbon fuels for transport & electrification is expected to double by 2030. Major energy corporates across the world are investing in lower-carbon technology, which includes renewables and alternate fuels. They are also committed to producing biodiesel, bioethanol, and renewable compressed natural gas (R-CNG), to help lower carbon emissions. 

The focus is not limited to fuels, sustainable battery management systems and pyrolysis are technologies that contribute majorly to effective decarbonisation, for instance, Shell’s ambition is to use one million tons of plastic waste a year in its global chemical’s plants by 2025, through Pyrolysis.

Increasing industrial decarbonisation requires significant investments and collective involvement from businesses, governments, corporates, and individuals.

In Lieu of this the topic can cover your POV on investments & scaling in the segments of:
(Biofuels, CCU, Pyrolysis, Waste to energy, green propulsion systems & sustainable battery management.)

Shell E4 Start-ups participating on this day- AP Chemi, Ossus Biorenewables, Manastu Space, Ziptrax, Offgrid Energy labs & Igrenenergi.

Brief Agenda:

2 pm to 3 pm- Panel discussion on “Decarbonisation & Alternate fuel technologies”
3 pm to 4 pm- Startup pitches and Question & Answer rounds.

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Nitin Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Attero

Nitin Gupta

Co-founder & CEO, Attero

Sathish Dhanapal, Head of Energy specialists, responsAbility Investments AG

Sathish Dhanapal

Head of Energy specialists, responsAbility Investments AG

Sandeep Tandon, National Project Manager, UNIDO

Sandeep Tandon

National Project Manager, UNIDO

Vivek Tandon, CEO, perPETual technologies

Vivek Tandon

CEO, perPETual technologies


Sriranjan Seshadri, Founder, Last Mile Ventures

Sriranjan Seshadri

Founder, Last Mile Ventures

Shell E4's Start-up Founders:

Jiten Apte, Founder, Igrenenergi

Jiten Apte

Founder, Igrenenergi

Suhas Dixit, CEO & CTO, AP Chemi

Suhas Dixit

CEO & CTO, AP Chemi

Tushar Jadhav, Founder & CEO, Manastu Space

Tushar Jadhav

Founder & CEO, Manastu Space

Rohan Singh Bais, Founder, Ziptrax

Rohan Singh Bais

Founder, Ziptrax

Tejas Kusurkar, Co-founder & CEO, Offgrid Energy Labs

Tejas Kusurkar

Co-founder & CEO, Offgrid Energy Labs