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Day 2 of Shell E4 Investor Convergence week will focus on the Energy & sustainability management sector.

The panel discussion will be on the topic- “Energy management in the household-Home automation-current trends & outlook”.

A brief intro to the topic-

The India energy management systems(EMS) market itself is expected to reach $2,145.1 million by 2023. With the Indian government focused on setting up Smart cities in India- (a clearly outlined goal of this being integration of smart solutions for efficient energy management in infrastructure & in all selected smart cities.) There is an acceleration of new innovations in EMS to enable energy efficiency in Industries & Infrastructure. This is done through AI & IoT which can facilitate the achievement of more than 10-30% operational efficiency with a direct financial correlation.

In India, our dependence on energy is increasing exponentially- with a booming population & increase in planned cities, adoption of Home energy management systems (HEMS) can effectively optimize the usage of conventional & renewable sources of energy production. Through smart grids and smart homes, energy efficiency can be created through IT, IoT & cloud-based automation solutions for residential applications.

Creating a sustainable energy future is not only dependent on corporates, startups, investors, government bodies alone, but also dependent on the smallest units of society- the Household.

The topic explores the current scenario & outlook in investments & scaling in this aspect of Energy management.

In Lieu of this we look forward to understanding an investors point of view on: (HEMS, Energy efficiency, Integrated renewable energy management, sustainability management & AI ML applications in this space).

Shell E4 Startups participating on this day- Energos, Logic Ladder, Embedsense, Rightwatts and Xyma Analytics.

Brief Agenda:

2 pm to 3 pm- Panel discussion on “Energy management in the household-Home automation-current trends & outlook”
3 pm to 4 pm- Startup pitches and Question & Answer rounds.

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Ashish Wadhwani, Managing Partner, Ivycap Ventures

Ashish Wadhwani

Managing Partner, Ivycap Ventures

Girish Shivani, Executive Director & Fund manager, Yournest Ventures

Girish Shivani

Executive Director & Fund manager, Yournest Ventures

Pankaj Thakar, Founder & Chief mentor, Padup ventures

Pankaj Thakar

Founder & Chief mentor, Padup ventures


Monil Khatri, Senior Innovation specialist, Invest India

Monil Khatri

Senior Innovation specialist, Invest India

Shell E4's Start-up Founders:

Rajesh Solanki, Founder & CEO, Energos

Rajesh Solanki

Founder & CEO, Energos

Nishanth Raja, Ceo & co-founder, Xyma analytics

Nishanth Raja

Ceo & co-founder, Xyma analytics

Sandeep Goswami, Co-founder, Rightwatts

Sandeep Goswami

Co-founder, Rightwatts

Mayank Chauhan, Co- Founder & CEO, Logicladder

Mayank Chauhan

Co- Founder & CEO, Logicladder

Venkatesh S Prasanna, CEO, Embedsense

Venkatesh S Prasanna

CEO, Embedsense