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Day 1 of Shell E4 Investor week will focus on transportation and automotive sector.

The panel discussion will be on the topic- “Key mobility investment trends by 2025”.

A brief intro to the topic:

With companies across the world investing in developing advanced biofuels & hydrogen, its role in transportation in decades to come continues to face challenges to achieve commercial scaling.

The patterns of financial investments are changing from traditional ICE vehicles to sustainable forms of transportation like Electric mobility.

In Lieu of this the topic can cover your POV on investments & scaling in the segments of:

Vehicle as a service, Electric vehicles as a service, EV charging infrastructure, Investments in the digitalisation of the automotive aftermarket & servicing sector & alternative transport fuels.

Shell E4 Startups participating on this day- Commutec, eee-Taxi, Zypp electric, Magenta power, Spare IT, and Tresmoto.

Brief Agenda:

2 pm to 3 pm- Panel discussion on “Key mobility investment trends by 2025”
3 pm to 4 pm- Startup pitches and Question & Answer rounds.

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Photo of Janavi Papriwal

Janavi Papriwal

Director, Aavishkaar Capital

Photo of Namita Dalmia

Namita Dalmia

Partner, Enzia Ventures

Photo of Vinay Rao

Vinay Rao

Principal, Ventureast


Photo of Siddharth Mehta

Siddharth Mehta

Moderator-Deal lead, Shell E4

Shell E4's Start-up Founders:

Photo of Akash Gupta

Akash Gupta

Co-founder & CEO, Zypp

Photo of Randeep Lobana

Randeep Lobana

Founder, Commutec

Photo of Shubham Jain

Shubham Jain

Founder, Tresmoto

Photo of Gaurav Trivedi

Gaurav Trivedi

Chief Business Officer, eeeTaxi

Photo of Romi Chugh

Romi Chugh

Founder, SpareIt