• Airpix


    Airpix has two business verticals (i) drone-based services for large area mapping, surveying, project progress monitoring & critical asset inspection & (ii) Edge software + cloud platform for AI based video analytics on CCTV feed, this is targeted at enabling autonomous remote monitoring & management of sites and manpower for operations & safety compliances for the oil & gas, construction and manufacturing industries. They have paying customers for our drone services with marquee clients such as L&T ECC, Delhi Metro, ACC Ltd.

  • Cognitensor


    CogniTensor has created DeepOptics - an Integrated MLOps / ML DevOps which provides automated, standardized development, deployment within a collaborative workspace. CogniTensor is solving the problem of bridging the gap between development and production teams to successfully deploy AI/ML projects at speed. Cognitensor has built on top of DeepOptics ready-to-deploy products in energy, commodity, retail and manufacturing with a proven track record.

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  • Embedsense


    Embedsense is an Industrial IOT product company that manufactures innovative industrial grade sensors and offers end-to-end solutions. Powered by advanced analytics, their comprehensive machine-monitoring suite can help manufacturing plants transform themselves into smart factories of the future. Their technology can bring any machine irrespective of its age/type onto the digital highway and generate real time insights on the health, performance, and quality of produced goods, thereby enabling cost savings and delivering operational excellence in a wide range of manufacturing industries.

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  • Exactspace


    Exactspace builds Energy focused AI solutions to add ‘Human-like Intelligence’ to assets across the Energy value chain. It helps with two broad outcomes for organizations in Power and Oil and Gas:

    • Improve asset reliability and minimize failures of critical assets.
    • Reduce the carbon footprint and energy wastage in industrial complexes.

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  • Pradjna


    Pradjna is an AI platform to assess & evaluate Blue Collar skills using a ML framework, Hardware and Software Sensors. They have a common backend system which can assess multiple Blue-Collar skills based on a generic Machine Learning framework and logic which is integrated with appropriate sensors including IoT devices to extract data related to the actual job context.

    The data are then processed in an ML methodology to extract insights into how each individual performs in an absolute and relative (compared with baseline) manner.

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  • Planys


    Planys is a deep tech start-up disrupting the underwater inspection industry through innovations in the field of marine robotics, Non-destructive testing (NDT) & an AI-enabled post inspection analytical platform across ports, infrastructure (dams and bridges) & energy/utilities sectors. Planys’ technology solutions are intelligent, safer, digital, cost-effective & helps forecast maintenance and repair more efficiently. Planys has completed 160+ asset inspections and is scaling across India, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.

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  • SpareIT


    SpareIt® is India’s largest automotive aftermarket multi-sided platform. Their platform digitizes the offline neighborhood mom and pop garages by empowering them with easy access to sourcing, last-mile logistics, business management solutions and digital credit. It connects these garages with distributors and manufacturers who sell more than 30 lakh spares ranging across categories in the automotive aftermarket. SpareIt® is making B2B commerce convenient and efficient for the entire aftermarket ecosystem. SpareIt® is scaling rapidly and has onboarded 4000+ garages in less than 8 months across 4 cities.

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  • XYMA


    XYMA Analytics is a spin-out from Centre for NDE, IIT Madras and incubated by IIT Madras Incubation Cell. XYMA provides novel ultrasonic sensors and Industrial-IoT solutions to industries using high temperature processes such as refineries, power plants, steel plants and other manufacturing industries. Their sensors provide dense measurements across a unit, improving performance and asset life, which is coupled with AI-powered physical models for intelligent support.

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