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Shell E4 Investor Convergence week

An amalgamation of eminent voices within Investment circles & some of the brightest minds from the startup ecosystem.

Dates: AUGUST 24th to 27th

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The Shell E4 Investor convergence week is a 4 day event which focuses on the financial aspects and Investment scenarios in renewable energy. It will bring together some of the best minds within Investment circles onto one platform to deliver insight driven discussions that will provide cognizance on the future of these themes:

24th Aug- Day 1: Transportation & Automotive.

25th Aug-Day 2: Energy management.

26th Aug-Day 3: Digital Tech & Logistics.

27th Aug-Day 4: Alternate fuels & Sustainable Battery management.

Daily Format:

2 pm- 3pm- Panel discussion initiated by the moderator: Comprising of eminent panelists from the Investor community.

3pm- 4 pm- Pitch sessions of E4 incubated startups with relevance to the themes.

The investor convergence has something to offer for everyone:

For Investors:

a great networking opportunity for Investors, seeking to connect with exceptional entrepreneurs within the renewable energy & digitalization domains.

For Energy entrepreneurs:

a comprehensive knowledge gain platform for startups to procure Insights & awareness into the factors that influence financing in high growth sectors within the renewable energy

For individuals, curious about the Energy space:

  • an opportunity to witness the Unique, disruptive technologies that Shell E4’s startups are involved in creating.
  • A overview on the future focus on investments in the renewable energy sector.

In lieu of this, we want to cordially invite you to attend this convergence. Be a part of Shell E4’s dynamic environment & collaborate with us on our collective journey towards a clean energy future.

For more details on the panelists and to register for receiving the link to participate kindly click on the options below: