• Quifers is a logistics automation solution provider that enables Manufacturing Companies, Transporters and Fleet Owners address inefficiencies in their daily logistics planning; lack of supply chain visibility; and issues with reconciliations. Its customers have realized 15 – 25% in logistics cost savings and improved customer experience through enhanced business intelligence, better controls, end-to-end visibility and better decision-making powers. Such capabilities are empowered by Quifer’s suite of offerings including - dispatch & resource planning, “ahead of time” scheduling, route optimization, vehicle live monitoring, automated order reconciliations, predictive analytics for potential SLA breaches etc.

    Quifers Website

  • Insightzz, a Machine Vision startup, serves enterprises in several industries including Manufacturing, Retail and Energy in the automation of Quality Inspection, Counting & Classification etc. Despite significant investments these companies have been struggling in areas such as Defect Detection, Production Line Monitoring, and Color/Aesthetic Inspection, where data collection (through manual intervention) is expensive, error prone and subject to information loss/ inaccuracy. With deployment of Insightzz, customers have realized 30%-80% reduction in defective shipments, 10% reduction in waste generation due to quality issues and 1%-5% manpower savings on assembly lines.

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  • Stelae Technologies enables large enterprises better leverage their data assets stored in PDF documents. Stelae’s Khemeia™ product transforms unstructured content in such documents into structures that make them searchable and actionable; and enabling them to be rendered contextually into right form factors and at the right time of need. Customers who have adopted Stelae’s Khemeia™ product have realised significant operational efficiencies and cost savings. Khemeia™ is built on strong pattern recognition and structuring algorithms.

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  • Rezlytix utilizes data analytics to bring energy intelligence to the upstream oil and gas sector. Its product ProLytix® - Production Analytics & Forecasting Technology, helps O&G companies in forecasting hydrocarbon productivity and well performance of their reservoirs. Their advanced machine learning platform integrates geological, geophysical and engineering data providing operators with smart well paths for drilling future wells efficiently while enhancing overall productivity and maximizing profits. RezLytix also has multiple tools which intelligently identify best fracking zones in a well for higher performance.

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  • MOBYCY is helping solve India’s last mile connectivity problem during daily commutes between home and office by providing specially designed electric scooters – Zypp; and cycles which can be found on the Mobycy app and unlocked by scanning a QR code to start the ride. Their proprietary keyless lock solution can convert any bike or scooter into a smart scooter and they already have 200K + users registered on their app.

    Mobycy Website

  • RightWatts is building an 'Open Platform for Industrial Apps'. Targeted at industries, buildings, utilities, and data centres, their No-Code Platform helps solution providers working in these segments to build, deploy, and replicate 'industrial apps' at scale.

    Using the platform, providers can themselves build full stack hardware-to-software complex industrial apps leveraging technologies like IoT, cloud, analytics, and AI. Their 'industrial appstore' fosters a market around re-usable apps (under provider's own brand), enabling distribution of single-app or multiple-app combinations to save money. They are enabling new business models in this market, fundamentally doing what Android did in the consumer apps market.

    RightWatts Website

  • Ziptrax aims to provide low cost, infinitely serviceable battery energy storage to the masses by re-purposing Li-ion batteries for 2nd use applications such as E-mobility and Energy Storage. Based on Ziptrax's proprietary Machine Learning technology, product hardware, intelligent plug-and-play SaaS, Ziptrax Batteries provide benefits of Li-Ion Battery but at the price of a lead acid Battery.

    Ziptrax Website

  • Viability of EVs is limited by price and performance of batteries. igrenEnergi has developed a breakthrough Battery Management System which extends EV viability, by improving battery performance and enabling beneficial usage models. igrenEnergi's BMS uses proprietary deep-tech innovations which combine advanced power electronics, edge-computing algorithms and IoT + cloud- based intelligence. There unique approach to managing mismatch between cells and modules of a battery enables potential 20-40% improvement in range, cycle life, and efficiency of batteries.

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  • TresMoto is re-imagining the future of mobility. Their first offering is a plug and play scooter for dock-less rental and micro-delivery service providers. These are purpose built, connected scooters supported by modern day services and sub-systems. They have unique innovations in their designs and development which lets them price their products at par with petrol vehicles in the same segment.

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  • Satellites currently carry a highly toxic and carcinogenic propellant which will be banned by 2021 internationally. Manastu Space has designed a green propulsion system consisting of hydrogen peroxide based green propellant, engine associated with it and catalyst providing 40x less toxicity, 25% higher performance, resulting in up to 30% cost savings for satellite manufacturers.

    Manastu Space Website

  • AutoVRse helps enterprises develop VR/AR experiences used for design reviews, as sales tools, in experiential marketing and for virtual training. They provide premium VR/AR content with industry best turnaround times by leveraging workflow with automated 3D model optimisation, proprietary lighting workflow and photorealistic library of materials and textures. Customers include firms like Bosch, John Deere, Fidelity and Abbott across India, Singapore, Australia, Germany and USA.

    Autovrse Website

  • LogisticsNow is building the Digital Backbone of global Logistics to help customers develop a stronger technology enabled transportation and logistics business. Their initial focus is on emerging markets like India, where there are significant challenges in terms of lack of business visibility, utilization, transparency and payments. LogisticsNow provides advanced analytics, leading to better fleet utilization, service and cost savings.

    Logistics Now Website

  • Maximl is building technologies to streamline last-mile communication and rapidly digitalize ground operations for the industrial workforce by connecting the field and office & enabling clients to take decisions in real time. Their flagship product, SyncOps is a smart project management platform that enables real-time monitoring of industrial projects including turnarounds and commissioning projects by connecting every stakeholder of the industrial ecosystem, reducing industrial project time and costs. The product has received traction from Fortune 500 companies.

    Maximl Website

  • iGarage is an integrated technology based marketplace platform that offers convenience, value for money and promise of reliability to fill the gap of customer inconvenience for vehicle lifestyle ownership. Their platform has established brand ecosystem partners managed by multi-industry expertise entrepreneurs to provide one stop shop of best in class guaranteed services to B2C and B2B vehicle owners.

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  • This Chennai-based start-up focuses on asset integrity management especially in the conventional oil and gas industry and has already built unique, patented technology for pipeline condition monitoring in real-time, using a long-range ultrasonic sensor for temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius. This solution will help cut massive productivity losses in case of a breach. Along with this the company also provides Noctuan intelligent solution for structural health monitoring on hard to reach assets such as  stacks, columns, pipe racks, vessels, tanks, boilers,  chimneys etc. and has several Fortune 500 companies  as their clients.

    Detect Technologies Website

  • ION Energy is building cutting edge energy storage systems and infrastructure for the adoption of high-performance electric vehicles. ION has offices in Mumbai, USA & now France. ION leverages deep proprietary technology that merges their strengths in design, electro mechanics, battery management systems and software. Apart from deploying their own systems and infrastructure, ION will license a chemistry agnostic and extensively cascadable architecture that enables rapid product development for customers that demand high quality battery systems.

    ION Energy Website

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    IoTrek is developing technology solutions to make infrastructure and outdoor work-sites safe and smart by using intelligent sensors, low power wireless networks and machine learning software. They are building solutions to enable a “connected workforce” for the construction industry with ultra-low power tracking devices embedded with motion sensors to connect people and assets in real time over long-range wireless network infrastructures. They aim to save millions of dollars per year in operations for infrastructure companies by implementing various use cases on a single network infrastructure.

    IoTrek Website

  • Ossus Biorenewables is creating solutions for clean energy and recovery of green chemicals from waste water. They are focused on assetizing waste water through, bH2 plus, a technology employing specially designed microbial cell factories, for generating biohydrogen and metals from renewable feedstocks like industrial effluents, municipal sewage and polluted water bodies. Ossus is currently in the process of demonstrating the elemental capability of their technology for generating value from produced water, an effluent generated by upstream oil and gas companies.

    Ossus Website

  • Trashcon has created an automated municipal solid waste segregator that separates municipal solid waste (MSW). he segregator can process up to 300-400 kgs of MSW/hour, recovering up to 85-98 percent of biodegradables and more than 95 percent of nonbiodegradables. With an inbuilt IoT technology, the segregator consumes relatively less energy compared to conventional segregators, minimizes manual intervention and enables quick processing of large volumes of waste.

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