Who is it for?

The scale track is a program designed for growth stage start-ups that have deployable product (or solution) with some paying customers. It is a tailor-made program focused on helping scale their businesses and market share in the industry by leveraging Shell’s global reach including those of its partners.

Program Focus

  • Enable business operations scaling by providing guidance on setting up systems & processes, building teams.
  • Enable product maturation with insightful problem statements, use cases and with dedicated infrastructure support.
  • Assist in the refinement of business strategy to expand the business with the right products & partners for the target market
  • Acquire a curated network of industry experts and advisors with leads to potential customers and investors
  • Leverage Shell's credibility and visibility to establish advisory boards and strengthen brand equity

Potential Outcomes

  • Access to pilot and deployment opportunities
  • Enhanced sales funnel and accelerated customer acquisition timelines
  • Open opportunities for Investments and Partnerships
  • Increase in Valuation
  • Opportunities for International Expansion

Start-ups likely to be relevant

Start-ups that are likely to be considered for this track are those working on innovative solutions with some customer traction and the competence to grow. The company should be able to leverage the resources that are provided to build highly competitive industry-relevant products not just for India, but global markets.

Start-ups that will benefit the most from this program should have:

  • A scalable business model and on a growth path.
  • High potential to scale.
  • Impactful deployments (pilots & more) backed by case studies and testimonials
  • A strong qualified customer pipeline and deal flow plan
  • Adequate resources and readiness to fully participate in the program and able to handle new projects and deployments.
  • Revenue traction.

Theme #1: Future Of Mobility

Key Areas of Interest

Shell E4 is looking to collaborate with innovative startups in “the mobility space” aspiring to bring forward disruptive technologies, business models and differentiated offerings.

Following are key areas of interest:

Technology Innovations:

  • Battery Technology such as Metal-hydrogen, Zinc Gel Etc
  • Battery Management, Repurposing Old Batteries
  • Vehicles technology - Bio CNG, LNG, Hydrogen;
  • Generation Technology: Bio CNG, Hydrogen
  • LNG Transportation, Hydrogen Transportation
  • Hydrocarbon Blending
  • Carbon / Emission Reduction
  • Payment Solutions, Route And Freight Optimization, Connected Vehicles

Business Models/Services:

  • First / Last Mile Connectivity
  • Heavy Trucking and InterCity Passenger Movement
  • Vehicle Service Aggregator
  • Road Tolling, Smart Parking, Road Safety
  • Market Place such as Energy Trading/Balancing, Vehicle Pooling

Infrastructure Development:

  • EV Charging / Battery Swapping
  • Micro Grids and Energy Storage
  • Bio CNG Plants
  • Vehicle Retrofitting Solutions

Theme #2 Energy Efficiency and Management

Key Areas of Interest

Shell E4 is looking to collaborate with innovative startups in “the energy management space” ranging from energy auditing to efficiency improvement and overall management. Startups of relevance are those offering – a) off-grid energy capabilities and storage solutions that could help flatten peak demand; b) end-to-end efficiencies of operating assets across various segments through better monitoring, operating procedures and automated control systems; and c) green building infrastructure and associated capabilities to reduce energy consumption.

Technology Innovations:

  • End-to-end asset energy efficiency/optimization technology
  • Predictive/prescriptive maintenance technology
  • Battery energy storage management technology
  • Geothermal cooling technology

Business Models/Services:

  • Energy auditing and benchmarking services for industrial and commercial customers
  • Net Carbon Footprint reduction strategies/processes in operations and CAPEX projects
  • Multi-asset energy demand aggregation and optimization (i.e. across multiple companies in the same region)
  • Off-grid (battery/solar) and grid power stabilization and optimization
  • Behind-the-meter energy management
  • Smart Home solutions
  • Smart Fleet management

Infrastructure Development:

  • Setting up real-time/smart/behind-the-meter energy monitoring systems for greenfield and brownfield assets
  • Green building technologies/processes for greenfield assets and green infrastructure retrofits for brownfield assets in industrial and commercial segments

Phase 1 - Assess: The program will kick off with a 1-week intensive face to face boot camp to conduct a baseline assessment of your company. The sessions during the week will focus on various aspects of strategy, growth/scale-up needs, product market fit, business operations, etc. This is meant to identify bottlenecks and create scale up plans.

Phase 2 - Execute: This is the activation phase wherein you will execute your action plan for the next 2 to 4 months specifically on operations, customer acquisition and growth. The Shell E4 team will support you in creating an advisory board. Monthly virtual check-in sessions will be organized between you, your mentor and the E4 team to monitor the progress of your plan. You will have full access to the lab infrastructure to help you with your product enhancement plans and verifying product-market fit.

Phase 3 – Pilot: In this phase, you along with the mentor and E4 team will work towards potential deployments, build deal flow plans and establish operations at scale.

Beyond the Program: The program is expected to last between 4 to 6 months depending on each startup’s needs and execution of the action plan. Every startup will have access to the Shell labs beyond the end of the program based on agreement with the E4 Hub. The startups will also become part of the alumni pool and benefit from access to a network of India’s best energy entrepreneurs and mentors. Start-ups will be able to pitch to investors, customers and other members of the ecosystem at the largest energy entrepreneur event in India - Shell E4 Demo Day

To know more about the track and download a copy of the brochure please click on Shell E4 Scale Track Brochure.

To read about the applications and selection process please go to the 'How to Apply' Section.

To get in touch please write to: SIMPL-Shell-E4-Hub@shell.com

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