• Venkatesh S Prasanna

    Venkatesh S Prasanna


    Venkatesh is a versatile leader with more than two decades of experience in driving product execution towards business goals, fostering a culture of innovation and building highly motivated teams. Venkatesh is passionate about technology and has a penchant for creating new profitable products that address gaps in the market place and bridging them by cross-pollinating ideas from various domains of engineering.

  • Shubha Prasanna

    Shubha Prasanna


    Shubha Prasanna is the co-founder and COO of Embedsense. She is result oriented, holds a solid track record of driving execution and leading teams towards achieving business goals while handling multiple domains. Shubha is a strong influencer of the product/application roadmap, is passionate about business processes optimisation and handles the company's operations and finance needs.